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College assemblies are important for both students and teachers. Assemblies can be informative on a certain school climate topic, or can be entertaining for the entire College. It is essential for administrators to work with teachers to make assemblies work in their college.Planning College assemblies can be tough for college. How do you know which one to choose? What if the teachers don't like it? What can you choose that will be informative and engaging enough for students? EducationWorld has curated a list of tips for College to effectively plan and execute a successful College assembly. These tips are gathered from two sources, TeAchnology and Responsive Classroom.

"College assemblies, including those involving families, are an important part of building a strong College community," said Mike Anderson, the former teacher who wrote the piece. "Whether it’s a science group presenting during the College day or a student band performing in the evening, a large-group gathering is a powerful opportunity for people from many parts of the College community to learn and celebrate together." One of the tips is for administrators to "support audience members." Administrators can start by "making sure the audience is comfortable so they can really engage in the performance." Here are other strategies Anderson suggested for successful assemblies:

"Engaged and respectful audiences are a key—and often overlooked—element of successful school assemblies," Anderson concluded. "When planning these events, we often think about supporting performers but forget to do the same for audiences. Taking the time to prepare everyone involved increases the likelihood that each assembly will serve the purpose of uniting the College community through a positive shared experience."